Mastering Rates

Mastering Rates

Standard Mastering - $40 per song
Mastered for iTunes - $40 per song
Vinyl Mastering - $40 per song
Stem Mastering - $60 per song

Mastering Package Deals

Standard Mastering + Vinyl Mastering - $50 per song
Standard Mastering + Mastered for iTunes - $50 per song

Mixing Rates

$100-$200 per song
(Send us the session/audio files for a more exact quote)


DDP Fileset - $50


Please include any information available. For example: Band/artist name, album title, song titles, song order, ISRC codes (if available), UPC codes (if available). Please be sure to spell everything the way you'd like to see it on CD.

* Songs can be no longer than 6 minutes to qualify for the $40 a song mastering deal.  Please add $5 per any additional minute.

*Stem mastering includes up to 5 stems.  Any additional stems please add $10 per stem.

*After 2 free recalls, add $10 per song for mastering, and $25 per song for mixing/mastering.

* Sorry..No refunds on our mastering/mixing services!!